Travelling to Bhutan

Thank you for your interest in planning a trip to Bhutan. We are sure you will completely enjoy your experience to this unique tourism destination.

In order to take make your trip, you will need to be “hosted” or “sponsored” by a registered tour company or agent – and that it us! Our role will be to provide all the necessary documents including visas, permits and Druk Air tickets prior to your arrival and ensure you have a smooth journey throughout your stay.

Basic costs associated with a trip to Bhutan include the following:

  1. Daily rate/fee for visit (of US$ 200 or US$ 250 depending on the season you are traveling in) which are included as part of Bhutan’s tourism policy and covers the following: a US$ 65 day contribution to Bhutan’s development as a “sustainable development fee”, all transportation while in country, a personal guide and driver, three meals a day, entry fees to all museums / dzongs you will visit, and either your hotel room or trekking tent – depending on your activity – along with ponies for hauling gear and a trekking crew / staff if you are on trek. If visitors are interested to stay in a higher-level, luxury hotel – this can be arranged at an additional cost.
  1. Visa fee: There is also a US$ 40 per person visa fee charge for entry to the country.
  1. International airfare (from your home country to either Bangkok, Calcutta or Delhi which have been arranged by clients on their own) but the booking and buying of Druk Air tickets for the entry points will be added to your overall trip cost and arranged by us and then electronically sent to you.  
  1. Money transfer fee: US$ 50 to receive the funds here and cover bank transfer charges; and,
  1. Any additional costs associated with purchase of alcohol or cold drinks, extra snacks, souvenirs or gifts and tips for guides / drivers and trekking staff (if applicable).

Again, it is important to understand that only a registered tour operator can get the necessary visa and arrange for your permits. The entire amount or cost for your trip will have to be transferred in advance to the company you decide to use in order to book and buy your tickets, making hotel bookings and organize the rest of your trip. This is standard process here in Bhutan – as regulated by the government – and this will be mentioned and highlighted on other tour company websites as well.

Blue Sky Tour will also need scanned copy(ies) of your passport(s)  sent over so that the application process for your visa and permit and the booking of your Druk Air ticket.

Anyone travelling to Bhutan should have or purchase a temporary international health insurance policy (including emergency evacuation) as health care in the country is very limited and the tour company will not and cannot be responsible for any emergency medical care or treatment.

And just to get your started – here is our recommendations for your packing list to begin working on prior to your visit:

Please also take time to review our cancellation policy which would be applied in case you are unable to travel prior to the start date of your trip.