Bhutan also known under the name DRUK YUL, the land of the peaceful thunder dragon, lays in the middle of the Himalayas between Tibet in the North and India in the South. The area of the country is about 38000 square kilometres, slightly smaller than Switzerland. But, in Switzerland live ten times more people than in Bhutan with presently 716.896 people.

If you asked, “what’s special about Bhutan”: It is the diversity. Botanically you find red rice in the valleys, blue poppies in the mountains and the legendary medicinal mushroom “cordyceps sinensis”. The diversity of rare mammals like the national animals Takin and snow leopards, birds like the black-necked cranes and the white- bellied heron is considerable. The diversity is possible thanks to the climatic zones in Bhutan reaching from subtropical low lands to eternal ice in the north and thanks to the strict environmental measures. Over 70% of the country is covered with forests, many of which are untouched natural forests until today.

Bhutan is a jewel from the ethnical and cultural point of view as well. The population is composed of the Ngalongs in western Bhutan, a group of original immigrants from Tibet, the Lhotsampas who originate from Nepal and India and the Charchogpas in the East. Each ethnic group nurtures their own traditions, languages and dialects.
And, Bhutan is the last independent Buddhist Kingdoms in the Himalaya. The Mahayana Buddhism, also known as Lamaism, is the state religion with the Je Khenpo from the Khajugpa Lineage as the spiritual leader.

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