Packing List For Trekking Tours


  • Long underwear (synthetic / quick drying type – both top and bottoms)
  • Wool socks / synthetic sock liners and lighter cotton versions
  • Wind shell or parka and wind pants
  • Down jacket
  • Pile or fleece jacket or vest
  • Warm wool hat and gloves
  • Water-­‐proof trekking boots (broken in or worn in advance)
  • One pair long underwear for sleeping – can also consider down sleeping booties
  • Warm long sleeve shirts, pants, t-­‐shirts, and / or trekking skirt for women
  • Rain poncho in case of rain

Most important is to consider and bring a variety of different weight clothing which can be used in multiple layers either added or removed based on changed Himalayan weather conditions.

Equipment and Accessories:

  • High altitude UV sunglasses
  • Light weight sun hat
  • Torch or flashlight / headlamp
  • Swimwear for use in hot springs’
  • Scarf for cold weather and / or cotton bandanas for hot locations
  • Light weight foot wear for camp use (Teva sandals or light sports shoes)
  • Day pack (either water-proof with plastic bags used inside) to carry your personal items
  • Refillable or reusable water bottle (to carry drinking water during day and can be used as hot water bottle in sleeping bag at night)
  • high quality sleeping bag and liner for extra warmth
  • Sleeping mat – inflatable or foam
  • Walking sticks
  • Quick dry towel
  • Durable duffel bag to store all gear including sleeping bag and mat for transport on horse / yaks
  • Large plastic bags to store clothing and sleeping bag in order to protect from moisture and dust to be used inside duffel bags (and for use at night to keep items dry).

Medicines and Others:

  • Personal medical kit including own items / needs (paracetamol or aspirin or Brufin)
  • Sun screen
  • Lip balm or chap stick and lotion to protect sensitive skin
  • Can consider brining Diamox (high altitude adjustment medicine if desired)
  • Snacks for energy (trail mix, chocolate, energy bars) and hard candies which are good for sore or scratchy throats
  • Wet wipes for cleaning hands and quick clean ups in tent
  • Hand sanitizer

Other Items to Note:

  • Lunch and tea will be served during the trek and water bottles will be re-filled both at lunch and in the evening.
  • Cameras with USB and power-banks are better for high altitude/cold temperatures since they can be recharged.
  • Use of metal or refillable plastic (Nalgene type) water bottles / containers can also serve as “hot water bottles” inside your sleeping bag and keep you comfy and warm!