Films And Documentaries

Boy of Good Waste, 2000. Funded by the Dutch development organization, SNV, the documentary profiles one young man’s attempt to begin recycling in Bhutan.

Karma’s Chair, 1998. Inter-generational struggle as a rural boy’s father wants him to become a monk while he dreams of going to the city to learn to become a furniture maker.

Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lama, 2004. Travel documentary on a group’s journey to a sacred lake in Tibet with an amazing and entertaining Bhutanese monk.

The Cup, 1999. The charming first film by Dzongsar Khentse Rinpoche which narrates the tale of a group of small monks obsessed with obtaining a satellite dish in order to watch the World Cup finals but who also learn more about compassion and loving-kindness in the process.

The Little Buddha, 1994. B. Bertolluci’s classic tale of Prince Sidhartha’s journey to enlightenment as the historical Buddha woven together with a contemporary tale involving the search for three children identified as a reincarnate lama beautifully shot in both Nepal and Bhutan.

The Other Final, 2003. Ingenious sports organizers from the Netherlands bring together the bottom two ranked countries in the world (one from the Carribean and the other Bhutan) to play in the “other final” with both teams discovering that winning extends far beyond the soccer match.

Travellers and Magicians, 2003. Dzongsar Khentse’s second film describing the journey and lessons learned of a young Bhutanese man who is discontent with his life in Bhutan.