About Us – Partners in Happiness!

Our team – comprised of two Bhutanese and one German and one American – all of whom share a deep respect, love and wealth of experiences in Bhutan – are able to offer customized journeys and treks to the Kingdom of Bhutan designed specifically for you. Our strength comes from being able to blend and merge both Western and Bhutanese perspectives and apply these to the design of your special travel experience in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon or “Druk Yul”.

Our experience both extends to and encompasses an in-depth knowledge on:

  • The amazing flora of Bhutan from the alpine meadows to subtropical forests located in the Southern region of the country;
  • The rich cultural heritage of diverse ethnic groups of Bhutan;
  • Challenges and successes related to the application of country’s unique development philosophy of Gross National Happiness;
  • Buddhist philosophy, iconography and Mahayana traditions related to living practice;
  • Contemporary and traditional art and specialized “photography” trips; and,
  • Rural economy in mountain regions.

Please contact us at:


phone: +975 2 32 46 12

mobile: +975 77 26 70 53